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Walk of Champions

Right around the turn of the 21st Century, a group of Illinois State student-athletes and administrators began to formulate an event that would welcome new student-athletes into the Redbird family and educate them about the rich history of the athletics department. Together, they created the annual Walk of Champions.

In August 2001, all new Redbird student-athletes were led on torch-guided tour by Redbird upperclassmen of historic locations around campus:

The Old Main Bell
Cook Hall
Hovey Hall
Hancock Stadium
Horton Field House
Redbird Arena

The event was such a success, that the athletics department made it an annual occurrence. In mid-August, the day before the beginning of classes, Redbird student-athletes, new and old, gather for the Walk of Champions.

The culmination of the evening happens outside of Redbird Arena, where each new student-athlete is introduced and given half of a medallion. The other half will be presented to them the night of their Senior Banquet. One side of the medallion features the Redbird logo, while the other has an inscription of a phrase from the ISU fight song, "To this emblem we'll be true."

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