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Victory Bell

Since the 1966 Illinois State football season, the Redbird Victory Bell has been on the sidelines at Hancock Stadium for ISU game days.

The Victory Bell, which is now operated by various student groups throughout the season, leads the team onto the field prior to kickoff. During the game, the Victory Bell is rung after each Illinois State touchdown and is used to sound the win of the Redbird football team for all to hear. It is also a mainstay in the annual Homecoming parade.

The Victory Bell was originally added to Illinois State game days by the Redbird Rooters, a student group whose purpose was to promote the interest in athletics and good sportsmanship among the student body, as well as building all-around school spirit.

Initially called Bone's Victory Bell, in honor of Illinois State University's ninth president, Dr. Robert Bone, the Victory Bell was also used for the march on Wesleyan when Illinois State and Illinois Wesleyan used to play each other in football in the crosstown rivalry.