Kari Staehlin's Blog


Developing a Hunger to Win

Dear Redbird Fans:

Last week was extremely busy for our team. Starting July 9, the girls worked the "Elite" volleyball camp here on campus. We were able to see our incoming freshmen play as well as play against them a few times. Watching them has raised our excitement level for the season to come. We have a lot of talent coming into the program this year. We believe there is no excuse for not winning the Valley this season!

Our days started out with weight training and conditioning and agility at 6 a.m. Once we finished, we had just enough time to shower and get to Horton Fieldhouse to start our camp coaching. The camps run all day, before we finally head back to Manchester Hall with the campers after 9 p.m. The Elite camp ended Tuesday.

Next up was the "Dreamers" Camp. Here, my teammates were able to work with the youngest campers; it excites us to see such little girls excited to learn the same sport we love. They were adorable:).

Our last camp last week was the Team Competition camp all day Saturday and Sunday. Teams from all over the area attended in hopes of having multiple opportunities to play. All of our campers were wonderful, and it was amazing to watch them learn and improve over the few days we were able to work with them.

During this summer, many of my teammate's workout at different times because of our busy schedules, so we do not always get to see each other. Last week's camps brought all of us together and it was an absolute blast!!! I have really missed all of my teammates. Even the two girls that went home for the summer came to town. Our team has an amazing bond, and we love being together whether it is playing volleyball or just hanging out. It was definitely good to see everyone.

We have three weeks left of our summer before our preseason starts so each of us are trying to pack in all that we wanted to do with our remaining time.

Many of us are going on vacation with our families, going home to relax, or taking time off to enjoy the rest of the summer. After talking with my teammates, we all have commented that we are ready for our season to start!!! We look forward to our competitive schedule with hunger to win and show everyone how great our volleyball program is at Illinois State.

Best wishes,

Kari Staehlin