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September 7, 2005

The team is headed for Michigan for our first away games. We are all excited to see how we perform on the road. Its going to be a long weekend with the six hour bus drive and two days of playing! The bus rides are always a blast. We watch movies, sing songs (especially our Disney favorites) and catch up on our sleep and school work.

I remember during my freshman year I always packed a full duffle bag for long weekends. Now I know that Julie Hardesty, our equipment manager sets us up with about everything we need. Its nice to know that she will always take care of us. Now I just pack spandex, a toothbrush and pajamas. Nobody wants to carry a heavy bag all day! Our first trip will be a great way for us to extend our winning streak and help us get used to playing on the road.

This tournament will prepare us for our tough conference play we have coming - it will be here faster than we can believe it. I know that we will go out there with confidence and leave victorious! I can't wait to see some Redbird fans out there in Michigan - its always great to see friendly faces. Some of my Canadian family and my mamma are traveling to the game too - I can't wait to see them and it means soo much to me that they made the trip!

Thank you!

Lindley McDavid