Update from Lucich and her Trip with STLF
Teamwork while tearing down trees
Teamwork while tearing down trees

March 20, 2013

NORMAL, Ill. - We departed on a 9 day, 7 city tour. The first stop was in Nashville, Tennessee, where we started serving at a children's home. Today we helped mostly with yard work, such as trimming trees, picking up trash, repainting parts of buildings and even tearing apart old wooden dressers.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kistin, a twelve year old boy who lived at the children's home in Nashville. He is one of the most wonderful little boys I have ever met and he told me that he was in a bad situation at home and was able to come here to help get his life back on track. I was lucky enough to have this moment with one of the kids and he mentioned how much of a difference we made at the home.

The next stop on the tour was to Tuscaloosa, Alabama where we helped clean an area that was damaged by the tornado that hit this region almost two years ago. The day was off to a rough start when the charter bus refused to start. The group could tell there was something wrong and as a leader I had to hold it together as best as possible so the group would not worry. I had to think on my feet and I decided to distract the students with a team building exercises.

We arrived at our service site which was right next to the railroad tracks. There were unwanted trees and bushes everywhere and it was our job to clean it up. It was a lot of hard work having to tear trees down and drag them to the street. With a little communication and teamwork we were able to get a lot done in just the 4 hours that we had that morning.

Our next stop was Lake Charles, Louisiana where we worked and cleaned up three parks in the area. Sometimes volunteer work is simple things that may not seem like they make a big impact but they do. We had people walking out of their homes, coming up to us to shake our hands thank us for cleaning up their park.

The next stop on the tour may be one of the most influential of the whole trip. The group served at Special Cheers, a therapeutic ranch for children with disabilities such as autism and cerebral palsy. Our job that day was to stain decks and clean play equipment for the kids. What the group was unaware of is that the children would be coming to the ranch while they were volunteering there. They got to witness kids getting horse rides and being able to interact with other animals.I was interviewed by the Houston channel 6 News. Check out the link below.

Interview with Houston Ch. 6 News


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