ISU Women's Tennis Recognized for Perfect APR Score
Senior Matea Simovic
Senior Matea Simovic

April 27, 2007

INDIANAPOLIS - The NCAA honored more than 800 Division I sports teams, including the Illinois State women's tennis program, with public recognition awards for their latest Academic Progress Rate (APR) scores on Thursday.

The teams recognized posted multi-year APR scores in the top-10 percent of all squads in their respective sports, with the ISU women's team generating three straight seasons of perfect 1,000 APR scores.

"This women's tennis program is a model of what we as an athletics department are trying to accomplish," Director of Athletics Dr. Sheahon Zenger said. "They are committed to excellence in the classroom and on the court."

Including the Redbird women's tennis team, 839 teams received awards that represent 217 Division I colleges and universities, or two-thirds of the 326 institutions that compete in NCAA Division I athletics. High-performing teams receiving awards posted APR scores ranging from 975 to a perfect 1,000.

"These teams prove once again that student-athletes are students first, and many of them are excellent students," said NCAA President Myles Brand. "I want to personally congratulate these teams and their student-athletes who are working hard in their sport and in the classroom and setting a great example for all students."

Last year, a total of 1,048 teams were recognized. There are fewer awards this year than last year because there are fewer teams with perfect scores. The number of teams in some sports may exceed 10 percent depending on how many achieved perfect 1,000 APR scores.

Multi-year APR scores for all 6,110 Division I sports teams, including the teams receiving public recognition awards, will be announced Wednesday. The announcement also will include immediate and historical penalties for low-performing teams, however, it is known that that ISU will incur no immediate or historical penalties for any of its teams in the upcoming APR release.

"I'm very proud of all our women," head coach Chris Hoover said. "All the credit goes to them for putting in the time and effort needed to be successful in the classroom. This program takes great pride in graduating our student-athletes and competing for championships."