Nicholson NPF Blog #8: Looking Back on a 'Crazy' Week
Former ISU pitcher Shannon Nicholson
Former ISU pitcher Shannon Nicholson

July 21, 2008

AKRON, Ohio - Hey Redbird fans! Last week was crazy for me, and it looks like the rest of the season will bring much of the same. The league standings have been changing every day, and we are currently sitting in fourth place, one game out of third. With 20 regular-season games left to play, and less than 25 days remaining in the season, there is a lot left to be determined. The top-four teams go to the playoffs, and right now, it is fare game for all.

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We just got back from Boston after going 2-2 against the New England Riptide. It was the first time I had ever been to the Northeast, and I loved it. We got to spend our first day in downtown Boston. We saw Cheers, the Harbor, and the Gardens, but the coolest part was at dinner where I met someone who works for the Red Sox. I got to wear his World Series ring and it was huge. I decided if we win the (NPF) Championship Series, I would be OK with getting replicas of those rings.

This week, we host the United States Olympic Team in an exhibition game. The USA Olympic Team is on its "Bound for Beijing Tour," and making one of its final stops in Akron. Four years ago, I got to play against the 2004 Olympic Team when it played in Normal against the Bloomington Lady Hearts. It was such a fun experience then to play against the best team in the world, and I'm sure it will be a great atmosphere Tuesday when we play in front of a sold out crowd.

The fun will be short lived, as early Wednesday morning, we have to board a bus and drive to Illinois. Wednesday night caps off our four-game series with the Rockford Thunder. I'm really excited to get back to Illinois, and hopefully, we can keep gaining ground in the standings. It should be a fun, eventful week. Be sure to check back next week for details on how it all went! Go You Redbirds and Go Racers!

- Shannon Nicholson #19