Nicholson NPF Blog #5: Rain, Rain Go Away!

June 30, 2008

AKRON, Ohio - Welcome back! Glad all of you Redbird fans could check into this week's report from Akron, Ohio.

Last week, we hosted the Canadian Olympic team. It was our final series against international teams, and now, the rest of our games are against teams in our league. We split with the Canadians, winning two games and losing two. We were pretty excited to take two from Canada because they had been dominating against most of the other teams (in the NPF) they had played.

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I have come to the decision that it always rains in Ohio. I'm pretty sure that every day last week, it rained at some point during the day, and our team has become accustomed to rain delays. Each day last week, we spent a few hours sitting in our locker room waiting for the rain to pass. It's always funny because it gets pretty exciting while we're all stuck in the same room. You see everything from dancing and singing to broom races to push-up contests. We definitely can entertain ourselves!

We had our first doubleheader last week, as one of our games got cancelled (due to rain, of course). In college, double headers are pretty routine, and I was used to playing back-to-back games. I guess I forgot how much they take out of you because I felt like I had just spent days at the field.

We also made it to our first Cleveland Indians game. Cleveland is only 20 minutes away from Akron, and since we didn't play Tuesday night, we got to go up for a game. It's kind of funny to think that they are at the same level in baseball that we are in professional softball, but it's a little different when you see the 30,000 fans at the game. I would love to see a day when we have 30,000 people in our stadium!

We also started our camps last week. My favorite part of camps is when we take the kids into our locker room and through some of the stadium. The girls' eyes always light up and they start asking a million questions. Hopefully, it gives them something to work toward.

This week, we host the Philadelphia Force, as they come into town to play four games. We have two more weeks at home before we go on the road again. Currently, the Force are in first place in the league standings, so this will be a big week for us.

Keep checking in, and Go `Birds (and Racers)!

- Shannon Nicholson #19