Nicholson NPF Blog #4: Shannon at Bat

June 23, 2008

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AKRON, Ohio - Hey, and thanks for checking out this week's update of the NPF! What a difference a week makes. Two weeks ago, we were sitting in last place in the league with only two wins on the season. Now, we have moved in to fourth place after winning all of our games last week.

Last week was a little different in that we were playing the Netherlands Olympic Team. Even though they are not in our league, the games still count toward our overall record because each team plays eight games against international competition. We beat the Dutch in all three games we played against them last week.

Saturday night (June 21) was supposed to be our series finale with the Netherlands, but due to thunderstorms and tornado watches in the Akron, Ohio, area, the game was delayed. After sitting around the locker room for a few hours, we found out that the Netherlands Olympic Team called and said they weren't coming back. Personally, I feel that we should get the win for the game since technically, it should be a forfeit. Of course, that's my opinion and I'm sure the NPF officials will determine the actual result. However, if we are half a game out of first place at the end of the season, I might be doing some protesting.

The most excitement I had this week was my pinch-hit at-bat. In the first game of the series, I almost got my first professional hit, as I hit a hard ground ball to between third and short stop. The third baseman dove to get the ball and threw me out. So close! Hopefully, I can get a batting average sometime soon, though.

The best part about the week is that our offense really came alive. After a slow start, our offense came out on a terror this week and four different girls hit home runs in the series. Our first baseman, Kate Robinson, hitting one home run in each game. It was obvious our confidence was back. In college, we always said we played our best when we were relaxed and having fun. I think the same is probably true with any team. We were starting to have fun out there, and it helped us to gain some ground in the standings.



This week, we play our final international competition, when the Canadian Olympic Team comes to Akron for a four-game series. They have been tough so far, and it should be an exciting week.

To keep you up-to-date with what I decided to do with my first paycheck, I decided to buy "Rockband" for my PlayStation. I was all excited when I came home with it the other day, but I think one of my roommates is going to shoot me. I could play it all day, but I guess not everyone likes it as much. I like to think I'm a rock star anyways, and we usually find enough people to make a whole band with guitars, drums,and a singer.

That's all for now. Keep checking in, and Go You Redbirds (and Racers)!

- Shannon Nicholson #19