Bird Blitz with Bethany Russ
Bethany Russ <br>Junior<br>Forward/Midfielder<br>Grayslake, Ill. (Grayslake)
Bethany Russ
Grayslake, Ill. (Grayslake)

July 31, 2006

- GoRedbirds: Salty or sweet?
Bethany Russ: Both

GR: Hot or cold weather?
BR: Hot, as long as it's not humid.

GR: What is your favorite season and why?
BR: Spring, because it's my birthday, the weather is nice, and school gets out.

GR: David Beckham or Freddy Adu?
BR: David Beckham

GR: What player on the team has had the most impact on your game?
BR: Jackie Roepke

GR: Who has had the most impact on your life?
BR: My parents

GR: What is your favorite pastime...besides soccer?
BR: Basketball

GR: What is your major/minor?
BR: Health Education/Criminal Justice

GR: What gets you motivated before a game?
BR: Listening to Garth Brooks, seeing the other team and wanting to kick their butts

GR: Your favorite memory at ISU has been...
BR: Being a part of the soccer team and meeting new people

GR: What is your fist memory of playing soccer?
BR: Being on the Orange Crush team with all my friends and winning every game

GR: Defense or offense- why?
BR: Defense, because offense sells tickets and defense wins games

GR: You are happiest when.....
BR: I am with my family and friends

GR: What do you enjoy most about playing soccer?
BR: Getting to travel with friends and meeting people

GR: What was you most memorable ISU soccer game and why?
BR: Our win against Creighton last year because they came to our house and we beat them big time.