Seberger Interns with Home Sweet Home Ministries

Aug. 9, 2013

NORMAL, Ill. - Senior Alison Seberger completed an internship with Home Sweet Home Ministries over the summer and learned a great deal about what goes into running a nonprofit organization, as well as the impact the organization has on the community.

Seberger worked at Home Sweet Home Ministries on Tuesdays and Thursdays for four hours a day, while receiving course credit for her minor in civic engagement and responsibility.

"This is definitely a great experience, because of how much they impact the community," Seberger explained. "Not a lot of people realize that homelessness is an issue in this community. They really want to educate the community and all the things I have learned are great for my minor, but also my major, which is communication. It has been a great experience that can help me in the future."

The Geneva, Ill., native was able to work with various groups at the organization. Seberger started the internship working with the marketing and sales staff, before transitioning to working with development.

On the marketing side, Seberger has experience with writing radio points to distribute to local radio stations about the mission of Home Sweet Homes, has written press releases and worked a donation event. She has also planned meetings for all employees with the retail side of the organization, which has seen an increase in sales from last year.

For the third-straight season, Seberger received the team's Best Teammate Non-Starter award. She appeared in 11 games for the Redbirds during the 2012-13 season and scored in three contests. Your online source for Illinois State Athletics tickets, Weisbecker Scholarship Fund gifts, multimedia, Redbird merchandise, photos and more.