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October 29, 2005

Hey Redbird fans,

Once again It's game day and were going up against the Leathernecks of Western Illinois University. We have been playiing some pretty good ball these last couple of weeks and what makes our wins even better is that we had you guys, the fans, out there to support us. Last game against Northern Iowa all we could see was a wave of red in the stands and I honestly believe that made us play better. We hope the outcome will be no different this week. Please believe this game is probably going to be a dog fight to the end. Not one redbird on this team can say that they have beat Western Illinois in a game so we hope to change that today. I do believe that this is the year for the Redbirds, not just for football, but for all athletics. So come out today and watch the redbirds lead the way as we protect our house against the Leathernecks.

Go You Redbirds!!

Brent Hawkins