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September 7, 2005

Hey Redbird fans,

I just wanted to let everyone know how much we appreciate your support at our last game against Iowa State, those who traveled to the game and those that were listening from home. Although we fought through what was a tough and long game we are sorry that we couldn't bring home a win. Although we lost, myself and the rest of the team believe that we have gained more respect since the loss of Boomer. We, as a team ,are set on making a name for ourselves and bringing home the prestige our team had in the late nineties, in the days of our coach Galen Scott when he played. Our main objective is to bring all our fans home a Gateway Conference Championship and a chance to advance in the playoffs.

Well, next on our schedule are the Bulldogs from Drake University who will pose a challenge. The Bulldogs are great at their skill positions and are overall a pretty good team. So all of you reading can rest assured that we will be studying our playbooks and film extra hard to bring home our first home win and the first win of this new season. Thanks a lot for your support and come watch us against the Drake Bulldogs this Saturday at Hancock Stadium.

Go You Redbirds!!

Brent Hawkins