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September 8, 2005

Thoughts on Iowa State

Well the first one is done and over with, thank the Lord for Brent Hawkins calming my nerves or I think I would have passed out before the game. My thoughts are for the most part real positive after watching the film. I feel like the defense played their hearts out and executed really well. I was impressed with the way the defenders were flying to the ball, the way they were knocking those Big 12 players to the ground and creating turnovers. It makes you want to play so much harder as an offensive player when you see your defense teammates making plays. I thought as an offense we played hard but executed in a poor fashion until late in the second quarter. But with a new quarterback and 4 offensive linemen playing new positions, I figured we would be a little shaky in the first half. But the good thing about that is that the execution part can be fixed with more of an attention to detail. Oh and believe me Coach Fuente and the offensive coaches will not and have not given us a choice in practice this week.

The Drake Game

We are really excited to play these guys. They are a good opponent and I think in some polls were ranked in the top 25. So we want to put it on them. Like I said the key to this week is attention to details. And for me personally the details aren't just about the Xs and Os but about other things as well. First for me this week I am altering my diet I am taking some of the processed foods and replacing them with natural foods, I was reading a book by a U.S Olympic team doctor that said by doing this it will help your concentration levels. Well I started this Sunday night and I honestly can tell a difference already. I have been paying better attention in class and on the practice field the game has slowed down in my mind. My shoes, I have been wearing spiked cleats my whole college career and the other night I was watching the Noles and the Hurricanes play and I saw that all of their O linemen had molded cleats instead of spiked ones. So I asked my position coach, Coach Laffere, who balled out at the University of Miami, "What is up with your boys wearing those molded cleats?" I thought he was going to have a smart remark about that is the reason why they give up 10 sacks. But he answered, "With molded cleats you have more points of contact in the ground, which will allow you better balance." That got me thinking I have been a little uncomfortable trying to get into my stance at center because I would feel unbalanced all the time. Being uncomfortable in your stance and playing O-Line is the worst thing ever because if you are not confident in your stance then you will be slow off of the ball. A lot like I was this camp and the first quarter in the Iowa State game, but let me tell you that mammoth of a man, Coach Laffere was right. At Tuesday and Wednesday practice I felt 100 times better keeping my balance and they don't hurt my feet as bad. I could feel myself getting off of the ball a lot better; I was now getting off the ball as quick as I did at guard. I mean I am drooling right now as I write this cause I can not wait to play this Saturday because I got my confidence back, something that I have not had since last spring ball.

This Week

The first part of this week has been good to me so far. On Monday Martindale, Niall, Sisko, Filin and Blough had some of the boys over for a cookout and we just chilled eating our kabobs and chicken while sitting outside and listening to music. I mean football is a great sport I love playing it but chilling with your teammates on a day off are some of my greatest memories in college. Tuesday night I went out to eat at Damon's and then I came back and I got to talk to my grandparents for a little bit. I always thought that when I came to school up here that my family would forget about me but actually we have stayed close and talk on a regular basis, I love my Granny and Dad-Dad, they consume a big piece of my heart. Another great thing about this weekend is not just the Drake game but my mother and little sister are coming up. I can't wait to see them, my sister and I are real tight we never had one of those sibling rivalries. She was the good looking, smart one and I was well, the athletic one. She is a senior in high school so after the game I can't wait to hang out with her and show her around. Until next time.

Go You Redbirds!

Stafford Davis