Mission Statement

Academic Policies


At times it is necessary to miss classes when student-athletes are traveling with their teams to represent Illinois State University in competition. When this happens, quizzes and tests are sometimes missed. The Equitable Treatment of Students policy insures that all students are treated fairly in the classroom, including our student-athletes.

    It is the responsibility of the student to:
  1. Inform instructors of scheduled absences in advance - Student-athletes are required to provide a letter of notice a minimum of 2 classes prior to a competition.
  2. Where possible and as soon as possible, provide a schedule of all semester absences - Student-athletes are required to provide a list of competition dates during the first week of the semester, or as soon as the schedule is complete.
  3. Arrange to complete missed classroom work - Ultimately, students are responsible for material covered in class. In the event of disagreement regarding this policy, the issue will be directed to the appropriate Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs for arbitration.

Further, for the Equitable Treatment of Students policy to be applied to student-athletes, the following steps must occur: (1) student-athletes must attend all classes unless excused by competition or injury, (2) student-athletes must hand-deliver any travel letters to the instructor, (3) head coaches will send each professor an e-mail detailing which student-athletes will be traveling, when the student-athlete will be leaving campus, and when they will return to campus.

We attempt to work closely with professors, faculty and staff to inform them of unplanned events and upcoming competition dates. If there are any concerns or questions pertaining to a student-athletes competition schedule, please feel free to contact the Associate Athletic Director for Academics and Life Skills Dr. Paul Downey at vpdowne@ilstu.edu, or by phone at (309) 438-3209.

Student-athletes, in order to meet NCAA regulations and accommodate practice and travel schedules, have the opportunity to register for classes before the rest of the student population. Pre-registration occurs in mid-October and mid-March. It is the student-athlete’s responsibility to meet all requirements prior to registration in order to take advantage of pre-registration. Further policies are explained through the Student-Athlete Handbook.