Mission Statement

Career Development

The Karin L. Bone Athletics Study Center has implemented a four year career development program that is designed to effectively meet the future career needs of student-athletes. Each year student-athletes participate in the following activities depending on their academic year:

Freshman Undergo an intensive career and major exploration their first semester on campus. In conjunction with the ISU Career Center, we have developed a variety of assessments designed to provide student-athletes with a list of careers that are a strong fit with their interests and abilities. Student- athletes then work with their study center advisor to select their top one or two career choices in order to find a suitable major offered at Illinois State.
Sophomore Complete a professional resume so they will have an opportunity to attend a resume workshop on campus. Upon completion, the resumes are submitted for professional critiquing.
Junior Participate in a mock interview program sponsored by Illinois State University Senior Professionals, The Career Center and ISU Athletics. The mock interview process begins with a one-on-one mock interview preparation session in which each junior meets with an Athletics Study Center staff member to review their professionally critiqued resume, discuss what to expect during an interview and practice common interview questions and/or scenarios. Lastly, juniors have the opportunity to interview with a senior professional from their future field of profession. This one hour interview session consists of approximately 30-45 minutes of interview questions and a 15 minute debriefing session.
Senior Attend a transition seminar during their last year on campus. This dynamic seminar is designed to provide seniors with information that will benefit them when starting a career or applying to graduate school. Professionals within the community from various industries speak to the student-athletes about decisions they will face after college.

Career Athletes
The Athletic Department partners with Career Athletes which is an online community for student-athletes to help them search for positions and gain networking experience, particularly with potential employers. Not only is the online community available to our student-athletes, but Career Athletes provides them with an informational Career Development Seminar which encourages them to take an assertive role in their personal career development. A Career Athletes Networking Forum is held specifically for juniors and seniors, and provides a chance for our student-athletes to network with a number of employers who are interested in specifically hiring student-athletes due to their unique skill set. Namely, employers are interested in hiring student-athletes due to their work ethic, competitive nature, organization, performance under pressure and teamwork.