Athletic Department Awards

Jill Hutchison Female Athlete of the Year Award
The female athlete of the year award is named in honor of Hutchison, who retired from coaching women's basketball in 1999 after racking up 461 wins in 28 seasons at Illinois State. Now a radio analyst for Redbird broadcasts, Hutchison was a pioneer and advocate for women in athletics throughout her coaching career. A banner in her honor hangs from the Redbird Arena rafters and she was inducted into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame in 2009.

1990Jill HollembeakGymnastics
1991Lisa RolfVolleyball
1992Kim NelsonVolleyball
1993Tina LindseyW. Golf
1994Jodi BurchSoftball
1995Jodi BurchSoftball
1996Andi HardwickVolleyball
1997Sue DaggettTrack & Field
1998Heather StellaSoftball
1998Angie JoyTrack & Field
1999Heather StellaSoftball
2000Kendra HaselhorstVolleyball
2001Nicole KurthSoftball
2002Stacia BesteTrack & Field/Cross Country
2003Liina Suurvarik W. Tennis
2004Linna Suurvarik W. Tennis
2005Krystal Featherson Swimming/Diving
2006Samantha Richdale W. Golf
2007Shannon Nicholson Softball
2008Kristi Cirone W. Basketball
2009Kristi Cirone W. Basketball
2010Brittany Smith Track & Field
2011Kara Nelson Softball
2012Brittany Smith Track & Field

The Milt Weisbecker Male Athlete of the Year
The male athlete of the year award is named for Weisbecker, the former athletics director who led Illinois State through times of change from 1966 to 1974. As athletics director, he successfully led the university's athletic program from the NCAA College Division into Division I status. Additionally, Weisbecker had an outstanding record in seven seasons as the Redbird's head golf coach, including a fourth-place NCAA College Division finish in 1969.

1990 Allen Adams M. Soccer
1991 Tony Jones Football
1992 Dion Simmons Track & Field
1993 Kevin Bracken Wrestling
1994 Matt Gainer Baseball
1995 James Duncan Track & Field
1996 Dan Muller M. Basketball
1997 James Duncan Track & Field
1998 Chris Bailey Track & Field/Cross Country
1999 Chris Bailey Track & Field/Cross Country
2000 Galen Scott Football
2001 Christian Goy Track & Field/Cross Country
2002 Christian Goy Track & Field/Cross Country
2003 James "Boomer" Grigsby Football
2004 James "Boomer" Grigsby Football
2005 James "Boomer" Grigsby Football
2006 Stafford Davis Football
2007Luke Drone Football
2008Osiris Eldridge M. Basketball
2009Osiris Eldridge M. Basketball
2010Kevin Tokarski Baseball
2011Tim GloverTrack & Field
2012Tim Glover Track & Field

Linda Herman Female Scholar-Athlete of the Year
The female scholar-athlete of the year award is named after longtime Illinois State coach and administrator Dr. Linda Herman, who spent more than 30 years at ISU as a volleyball coach and administrator.

1993 Carmen Hulit Softball
1994 Lisa Mihallik Swimming
1995 Mary Jane Johnson W. Basketball
1996 Mary Jane Johnson Owens W. Basketball
1997 Kristi Geary Volleyball
1998 Michelle Kutcher Volleyball
1999 Kress Shores W. Tennis
2000 Andrea Lovelle Swimming & Diving
2001 Stacia Beste Track & Field
2002 Deborah Birrer Swimming & Diving
2003 Abbie Scott Softball
2004 Liina Suurvarik W. Tennis
2005 Kate Stake Softball
2006 Jessie Janik Volleyball
2007 Shannon Nicholson Softball
2008 Tracey Deyell W. Swimming
2009 Erin Lindsey Volleyball
2010 Stacey Miller W. Golf
2011 Polly Hirt Swimming & Diving
2012 Katie Jean W. Golf

Doug Collins Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year
The male scholar-athlete of the year award is named after Redbird basketball legend Doug Collins, who was an All-American in 1972 and went on to a successful playing, coaching and broadcasting career in the NBA.

1994 Jon McAvoy Football
1995 Tim Achterberg Football
1996 Dan Muller M. Basketball
1997 Dan Muller M. Basketball
1998 Jay Anderson Baseball
1999 Jay Anderson Baseball
2000 Adam Waugh Football
2001 Adam Waugh Football
2002 Christian Goy Track & Field
2003 Josh Kauten Baseball
2004 Neil Plank M. Basketball
2005 Steve Carrol Football
2006 Ryan Brown M. Golf
2007 Mike Vandello M. Basketball
2008 Kedric Meredith Football
2009 Scott Krapf Cross Country/Track & Field
2010 Scott Krapf Cross Country/Track & Field
2011 Scott Krapf Cross Country/Track & Field
2012 Chad HinshawBaseball

Laurie Mabry Award
The student selected for the Laurie Mabry Award should best exemplify the positive values and attitudes that can be learned through athletics and be a person who appreciates the opportunity she has received through participation in the athletic program. She should also show appreciation through her attitudes toward and efforts for the program and the university.

1981 Beth Landes W. Basketball
1981 Lynn Adams Volleyball/Track & Field
1982 Melinda Hopper Softball
1983 Julie Cordes Volleyball(Manager)
1985 Cindy Seiler Swimming & Diving
1985 Jackie Kemper Volleyball
1986 Maxine McGlaughlin Softball
1986 Tracy Stroyan Volleyball
1987 Ellen McGrew W. Basketball
1987 Therese McGraw Softball
1988 Diane French Gymnastics
1988 Liz Hendricks Volleyball
1989 Ellen McGrew W. Basketball
1990 Stacey Anderson Volleyball
1991 Jill Hollembeak Gymnastics
1992 Tory Koss Softball
1992 Jan Madlock Volleyball
1993 Jeanette Newberry Volleyball
1994 Tina Lindsey W. Golf
1996 Jill Cole Volleyball
1997 Julie Orrison W. Golf
1998 Kristi Geary Volleyball
1999 Heather Stella Softball
2000 Beth Larson Gymnastics
2001 Michelle Huston Gymnastics
2002 Jill Rachford W. Golf
2003 Corey Harris Softball
2004 Beth Huston Basketball
2005 Kelly Rikli Volleyball
2006 Andrea Mosher Track & Field
2007 Jackie Williams Softball
2008 Tiffany Prager Softball
2009 Meaghan Koshman Gymnastics
2010 Kasey Mollerus Volleyball
2011 Bethany Brown Soccer
2012 Natalie McCabe Soccer
2013 Katie Jean Women's Golf

Team GPA Award
The Team GPA award is awarded to the team who receives the highest team GPA per academic semester. One men's teams and one women's team is selected each semester.

1998 Fall Baseball
1999 Spring W. Tennis
1999 Spring Golf
1999 Fall W. Tennis
1999 Fall Golf
2000 Spring Gymnastics/ W. Tennis
2000 Spring M. Golf
2000 Fall Gymnastics
2000 Fall M. Cross Country
2001 Spring Gymnastics
2001 Spring Golf
2001 Fall W. Cross Country
2001 Fall M. Cross Country
2002 Spring Softball
2002 Spring W. Tennis
2002 Fall WCC & Gymnastics
2002 Fall M Tennis
2003 Spring Softball
2003 Spring Golf
2003 Fall W. Cross Country
2003 Fall M. Golf
2004 Spring W. Track & Field
2004 Spring M. Track & Field
2004 Fall W. Cross Country
2004 Fall M. Golf
2005 Spring M. Golf
2005 Spring Volleyball
2005 Fall Volleyball
2005 Fall M. Tennis
2006 Spring W. Basketball
2006 Spring M. Tennis
2006 Fall W. Tennis
2006 Fall M. Tennis
2007 Spring M. Tennis
2007 Spring W. Golf
2007 Fall M. Golf
2007 Fall W. Tennis
2008 Spring M. Tennis
2008 Spring W. Golf
2008 Fall M. Tennis
2008 Fall W. Cross Country
2009 Spring M. Tennis
2009 Spring W. Golf
2009 Spring W. Tennis
2009 Fall M. Golf
2009 Fall Volleyball
2010 Spring M. Tennis
2010 Spring W. Soccer
2010 Fall M. Tennis
2010 Fall Soccer
2011 Spring M. Tennis
2011 Spring W. Tennis
2011FallM. Tennis
2011FallW. Tennis
2012SpringM. Tennis
2012SpringVolleyball/W. Tennis
2012FallM. Tennis
2012FallW. Tennis
2013SpringM. Tennis

AFNI Academic Honor Roll
The AFNI Honor Roll is a distinction for student-athletes that have earned a 3.0 or greater GPA during the spring or fall semesters. Honors are also given to teams that achieve the highest GPA over the course of a semester. In a ceremony held during halftime of a men's home basketball game, the honor roll athletes and teams are brought down to center court to be announced. Illinois State has consistently managed to place nearly half of its student-athlete population on the honor roll. Our athletes continually excel in both athletic and academic pursuits.