Arthur Ashe Award

This is awarded to a person or persons of color who have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale and have demonstrated a commitment of service to the institution and the community.

2002Cutie TaylorSoftball
2005Kanisha CampbellSoccer
2005Jackie WilliamsSoftball
2007 Brea BanksW. Basketball
2007Kanisha CampbellW. Soccer
2007Tiffany HudsonW. Basketball
2007Anna LovellW. Basketball
2007Devon WilliamsTrack & Field
2007Anna LovellTrack & Field
2007Devon WilliamsTrack and Field
2007Brea BanksW. Basketball
2008Carl AzabTrack and Field
2008Tiffany HudsonW. Basketball
2008Anna LovellTrack and Field
2008Kedric MeredithFootball
2008Raquel RattraySoccer
2009Megan ThompsonTrack & Field
2010Ashleen BraceyW. Basketball
2010Cliffton GordonFootball
2010Raquel RattraySoccer
2011Alexander PaleazM. Tennis
2011Brittany SmithTrack & Field
2011Aisha PraughtTrack & Field/Cross Country