On Campus
Academic Policies

Illinois State University deeply values and supports the required participation of students in Sanctioned University Activities. Instructors will provide such students with reasonable accommodations for completing missed exams, quizzes, and the like. The Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs will determine Sanctioned University Activities.

It is the responsibility of the student to:
(1)"Inform instructors of scheduled absences in advance,"
Student Athletes are required to provide a letter of notice a minimun of 2 classes prior to a competition.

(2)"where possible and as soon as possible, provide a schedule of all semester absences, and"
Student Athletes are required to provide a list of competition dates during the first week of the semester.

(3)"arrange to complete missed classroom work. Ultimately, students are responsible for material covered in class. In the event of disagreement regarding this policy, the issue will be directed to the appropriate Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs for arbitration."

We attempt to work closely with Professors, Faculty, and Staff to inform them of unplanned events and upcoming competition dates. If you should have any concerns or questions pertaining to a student-athletes competition scheudle please feel free to contact Jane Fulton Associate Athletics Director For Academics and Life Skills.