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The Study Center has implemented a 4 years program that is designed to effectively meet the career needs of the student-athletes. Each year the student-athletes depending on academic year participate in the following activities:

Each year student-athletes are encouraged to visit the various career development programs that are offered by the University and required to attend those offered by Athletics. The Karin Bone Study Center in conjunction with local companies and affiliates brings in various Human Resource Representatives to showcase our student-athletes or help them prepare for various careers in the work-force. Mock Interviews are held during the fall/spring semester in association with the Student-Alumni Placement Services, which provide the student-athletes an opportunity to practice interview skills and techniques with established professionals in the community. The State Farm Career Seminar is a seminar held during the spring semester where student-athletes can receive valuable information and advice in regards to resume writing, interview tactics, professional etiquette, and other areas associated with career development.

Freshman *Determine interests, skills, vcalues, and personality by taking the Career Key (an interest inventory)
*Meet with academic staff to discuss the results of the inventory and possible majors related to the student-athletes' interest
Sophomore Use staff and study center resources to contruct or revise a resume
Junior/Senior Participate in Mock Interview Program sponsored by Senior Professionals
Senior *Participate in State Farm Career Seminar
*Complete career exit survey