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Targeting is a program designed for Freshmen and Transfer student athletes to help them achieve academic excellence. The program assists student-athletes with their time management, study skills, testing taking skills and proper note-taking techniques. Academic progress is recorded in order to communicate progress with coaches and administration. Only coaches and administration have access to student-athlete targeting reports. Any student-athlete suspected to have a learning disability may be tested by a clinical psychologist to determine if any special academic assistance is needed. The study center works closely with professors and the Office of Disability Concerns to help meet the academic needs of these student athletes. Approximately 100 student-athletes are involved with the targeting program every semester.

The Karin Bone Study Center offers a suite of services for our student athletes and tutoring is a key component of that suite. Tutors typically meet with student-athletes on an individual basis. However, study groups are often formed when student-athletes request tutors for the same class. Tutoring is available for a large array of classes some of which provide Supplemental Instruction (SI) a program instituted to provide extra help outside of class hours. The University Center For Learning Assistance is responsible for the training and provision of our Study Center tutors.

CHAMPS Challenging Athletic Minds For Personal Success In 1991, the NCAA Foundation initiated efforts to create a total development program for student-athletes. Through the collaborative efforts of the NCAA Foundation and the Division 1-A Athletic Directors' Association, the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program (Challenging Athletes Minds for Personal Success) was created. The Champs Program is a 5 part life skills program designed by the NCAA to address the total development of the student athlete. The five constituent parts are: -The commitment to academic excellence
-The commitment to athletic excellence
-The commitment to personal development
-The commitment to service
-The commitment to career development

The Study Center has upgraded all the computers from Pentium 2/400 MHz to Pentium 4/1.7 GHz. All our lab computes are equipped with 20 GIG hard drives and 384 Megabytes of RAM. In addition to our PC's we have a Power Macintosh computer. All our computers are connected to the University network, which provides the student athletes with all the resources as the rest of the University students. In addition to the desktop computers the Study Center has 15 laptops available for check-out for teams that are traveling during competition. In order to maintain usage records, the Study center uses an attendance system in order to keep track of the number of hours student-athletes spend in the center. The Study Center has programs and resources unique for various fields of study that makes it easier for student-athletes to accomplish their academic goals.