computer lab

Student-Athlete Advantages

Karin L. Bone Athletics Study Center

Student-athletes have a dedicated facility for studying, meeting their academic coordinator, using the computer lab and tutoring. The Athletics Study Center provides 25 computers, wi-fi access and network printers strictly for student-athlete use. The Center also houses offices for seven academic coordinators and multiple graduate assistants who provide day-to-day guidance and a structured study environment. A satellite computer lab in Horton Field House provides additional computers and space during the evening hours.


As soon as student-athletes start the fall semester at Illinois State, they are provided with one-on-one academic assistance through our Targeting Program. This guidance ensures a good start as well as the implementation of an academic plan that best suits each particular student-athlete with a focus on organization, time management, prioritization, and study skills. This program has resulted in less than 5% of our student-athletes being placed on academic probation during their first year.

Academic Advisement

Three academic advisors from the University College Academic Advisement Center work directly with the athletics department to ensure student-athletes progress toward a degree. These dedicated advisors understand the challenges confronting student-athletes because many were Illinois State student-athletes and coaches themselves.

Advanced Registration

Student-athletes are faced with the unique challenge of molding their class schedules around practices, competition and travel. Advanced registration permits our student-athletes to register for classes at the first possible opportunity. This allows them to enroll in the classes they need to progress through their major and to maintain eligibility as they manage their athletic commitments.


The Karin L. Bone Athletics Study Center offers a variety of services for our student-athletes and tutoring is a key component. Tutors typically meet with student-athletes on an individual basis as needed. However, study groups are often formed when student-athletes request tutors for the same class. Tutoring is available for a large array of classes.