Owen Strength and Conditioning Center

STRENGTH TRAINING STRENGTH TRAINING RESOURCES Illinois State Sports Performance strength programs are founded on the basis of sound principles and practical applications. Strength programs are integrated to fit the sport program philosophy. The sports performance staff’s priority is the focus on developmental strength training by designing a training program that lays its foundation on our plyometric, speed, agility and sport specific training. This foundation will enable the staff to aid our student-athletes in improved sport performance specificity and greater injury prevention.

Our department primarily focuses on free weight, multi-joint movements within our strength training programs with the development of lower body strength and power as our primary objective. Upper body strength and power is developed in a balanced and symmetrical fashion to increase performance that fits the sporting requirements. The improvement of core strength and stability is trained through the utilization of postural and supportive strength training exercises. The strength staff additionally analyzes the sporting requirements and critically develops core strength and power training that promotes transferability.

The use of rehabilitation methodologies fit within the sport performance department’s Integrated Programming model, which additionally addresses any imbalance issues that occur as a result of the demands of a specific sport.