Owen Strength and Conditioning Center

Illinois State Sports Performance & Nutrition

The art of coaching here at Illinois State is focused on interaction with our student-athletes and sport programs implementation. Our ability to interact with our student-athletes is paramount to success in the execution of the programs we prepare.

Intensity, enthusiasm, determination, selflessness and patience are at the heart of our ability to effectively implement training programs for our student-athletes. The Sports Performance program prides itself on active and interactive coaching-styles that have been vested in every one of our programs. Our staff believes credibility is established through the development of relationships with our athletes beyond our demonstration of knowledge. Finally, we find it important to understand our role within collegiate athletics at Illinois State. We believe it is our role to serve as an extension of each and every coaching staff in which we work for to promote team beliefs, values and goals.

At Illinois State, our training programs must focus on the development of student-athletes. We must place a premium on hard work, building and creating a volume and intensity of training. We should never be satisfied with the status of our student-athletes and their teams. We must constantly be willing to motivate, educate and interact with our student-athletes.