Redbirds in the Community

2010-11 Community Service Events

 Reggie's Kids Day-Volleyball 10-1-10

 World Wide Day of Play 9-27-10

 Just Read: Prairieland Elementary 9-24-10

 Redbirds at Oakdale Elementary Snow Cone Party 9-10-10

 Redbirds at Sheridan School Parade 9-3-10

2009-10 Community Service Events

 Christmas For Kids 2009

 Just Read! Fairview Elementary School 11-12-09

 Just Read! 10-20-09

 Recess With the Redbirds 10-9-09

 Recess With the Redbirds 10-2-09

 Just Read! Epiphany School 9-22-09

 Sheridan School Parade

2008-09 Community Service Events

 Birds in the Burbs 4-21-09

 Just Read! Towanda Elementary 3-20-09

 Just Read! Pepper Ridge Elementary 2-24-09

 Just Read! Glenn Elementary 2-17-09

 Just Read! Epiphany School 10/31/08

 Just Read! Glenn Elementary 10/9/08

 Sheridan School Parade 8-29-08

2007-08 Community Service Events

 Just read! Irving Elementary 2-20-08

 Christmas For Kids 12-15-07

 Just Read! Epiphany School 11-30-07

 Reggie Day at Children's Discovery Museum 11-07

 Just Read! Glenview Elementary School 10-23-07

 Just Read! Towanda Elementary School 10-2-07

2006-07 Community Service Events

 Redbird Football at Habitat for Humanity 4-28-07

 Just Read Events

 Relay for Life 4-13-07

 Compliance Presentation at Chiddix Jr. High 4-13-07

 Sports Marketing Presentation at Chiddix Jr. High 3-23-07

 Redbird Football at Oakdale Elementary Recess 3-23-07

 Redbird Softball at Forrest Road Elementary School in Columbus, GA 2-22-07

 Character Counts at Towanda Elementary School 2-23-07

 Christmas for Kids at Bloomington High School 12-9-06

 Redbird Baseball Blood Drive at Redbird Arena 12-7-06

2005-06 Community Service Events

Redbird Men's Basketball w/ Salvation Army 12-20-05

WJBC Brotherhood Tree 12-13-05

Disadvantaged Children's Christmas Party 12-10-05

Redbird Women's Golf w/ Salvation Army 11-30-05

Glenn Grade School Recess

Just Read!

Redbird Football Canned Food Drive 9-19-05

Redbird Men's Basketball Car Wash 9-17-05

Hurricane Katrina Relief 9-1-05