MVC Sportsmanship

MVC Sportsmanship

  1. Public address announcers must announce the contest in an even-handed manner with equal enthusiasm for both teams. Additionally, there shall be an announcement reminding spectators to adhere to good sportsmanship prior to each contest.
  2. Institutions must refrain from showing replays on video boards where an officiating call could be considered a substantial part of play.
  3. Institutions are responsible for school sponsored student sections that attack or single out student-athletes or coaches.
  4. Each institution must arrange its seating at spectator events so as to emphasize sportsmanship and minimize the harassment of the visiting team and its fans.

The Conference hopes and believes that the establishment of the principles outlined in this document will create a wholesome atmosphere that will attract more fans to our events. Fans should be encouraged to applaud the effort by both institutions. They should be reminded that the participants are young people who should be treated as if they were their own sons and daughters.

Fans are expected to act in a manner consistent with the Code of Sportsmanship. Individuals who fail to do so will be dismissed from athletics events. This MVC Code of Sportsmanship is designed to promote sportsmanship throughout the league and ensure healthy environments for competition.