Hancock Stadium Club

Venue Setup

The Hancock Stadium Club is an open space that is adaptable to any event. See below for some samples of typical table setups.

Table Configurations

Hollow Square - Perfect for interactive discussions and meetings. Best suited for fewer than 25 people.

U-Shape and T-Shape - Best for interaction with a panel or leadership group with fewer than 40 people.

Rounds - Used for weddings, parties and other social gatherings where meals are served. There are 8 seats per table round.

Crescent Rounds - Perfect for smaller ceremonies that serve a meal and have a key-note or guest speaker presentation.

Theater - Used for larger sessions that do not require a lot of note taking. Perfect for presentations, lectures or panel discussions.

Classroom Style - Great set-up for meetings or workshops where note taking and handout materials will be utilized.

Venue Setup

Dance Floor - Dance floors will need to be brought in for an extra fee. A dance floor is perfect for any party or wedding reception.

Decorations - The HSC was designed by professionals and is a representation of the ISU Athletic Department and university. Decorations are permitted, but must not alter the appearance of the club. Nails, thumbtacks, picture tape or any other hangings on the walls are not permitted. (Note: We will work with you to ensure that your event is decorated to your taste.)

Podium - A podium is ideal for any event that has a keynote speaker or presenter. The podium is available with a microphone (wired or wireless).

Stage - A small stage may be brought in to the venue for the event. The stage is ideal for an event with a presentation and keynote speakers.

Lighting - Every event needs different lighting (brighter for conferences and workshops, softer for weddings and receptions).