Hancock Stadium Club



The sound system is built into the venue, but some set-up is still needed. Please indicate all audio needs prior to the start of the event.

Microphone - A wired or wireless microphone is available. Please indicate whether you would like a microphone stand, podium or just a floating microphone for your event.

DJ - If you wish to bring in a DJ, advance notice is required. We will need to have a walkthrough with the DJ to ensure that all power and set-up needs are met.

CD/MP3 - A CD player and MP3 hook-up is available for use. Please have your playlists pre-set so that the sound tech can play the correct music.

Live Music - If a live band is brought in, a walkthrough is necessary to ensure their placement and power needs are met.


Events can be enhanced by adding visual touches whether it is a PowerPoint presentation for a meeting or a slideshow for a reception, having the extra detail will wow your guests.

Projector - A projector and screen is available to attach to a laptop. Any document, presentation or video on the computer will be shown in the screen. Please keep in mind that the room is very bright.

DVD - A DVD player is available that can be shown on the projector screen. Please ensure your DVD is playable at your own home, prior to trying to play it in the HSC.

Wi-Fi - Internet is available for use. Some projects may require a hardline connection, so please communicate your internet needs prior to the start of the event.