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Paul Downey
Paul Downey

Associate Athletic Director/Academics and Life Skills

With 11 years of experience in academic services at the NCAA Division I level, Dr. Paul Downey joined the Illinois State Athletic Department in June 2012.

Prior to joining the Illinois State staff, Downey spent 11 years at West Virginia in various roles, including the Director of Student-Athlete Academic Services for the past year. As the director, Downey served as the education counselor for nine teams, and was the advisor of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) for WVU and the Big East Conference. Downey also supervised the outreach counselors at West Virginia, who coordinated student-athlete community service events, submitted student-athlete credentials for university, conference or NCAA awards and scholarships, while overseeing the service coordinator, who was in charge of the tutor program and the Coliseum Academic Performance Center.

Downey was promoted to the director position after serving as a program coordinator/educational counselor for three years. In that role, he was the Director of the Coliseum Academic Performance Center, which included coordinating an academic tutoring program for the entire department, managing textbook distribution to all student-athletes and determining AD Honor Roll and Big East Academic All-Star qualifications. In addition to his responsibilities as the director of the academic performance center, Downey coordinated the post-eligibility graduation program and the University's efforts toward the NCAA Academic Performance Program.

Downey also has experience working as an academic advisor with student-athletes and with the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program at West Virginia. With a Doctor of Education degree in Sport Psychology, Downey has contributed to three publications.