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Kaufman Football Building

The Redbird logo adorning the entrance of the Kaufman Football Building serves as an architectural symbol of the enormous pride inside as the facility serves as the stylish home of Redbird football players, coaches and staff. The facility contains offices for the coaches, meeting and film rooms, the player's locker room and equipment and athletic training facilities. From Kaufman, the Hancock Stadium turf, indoor facilities at Horton Field House and grass practice fields nearby are little more than a 40-yard-dash away.

The Kaufman Football Building is located northeast of Hancock Stadium, just north of the intersection of College Ave., and Main St., two miles south of exit 165.

From I-55, take exit 165, U.S. 51-South Main St., south to College Ave.
From I-39, exit at I-55 east, and the first exit is 165.
From I-74, follow I-55 North to exit 165. From the airport, turn left on Empire (Rt. 9) for approximately two miles, right on Veteran's Parkway for approximately four miles, left on College Ave., for approximately six miles.