Prospective Student-Athletes

This portion of the website has been designed to educate prospective student-athletes, and their families and coaches about NCAA recruiting and eligibility rules. You will need to be well-aware of these rules if your goal is to compete as a Redbird at Illinois State University. The information found in the links below may not answer all of your questions, but should provide you a good start in your quest for more knowledge about this complex process. Should you have additional questions please contact Cindy Harris, Associate Athletics Director for Compliance, at 309-438-2677.

Which Are You?

Incoming Freshmen
Incoming Transfers
Incoming International Students

NCAA Reports

Illinois State APR Report Cover Sheet
Illinois State APR Report
Illinois State Graduation Rates Report
Illinois State Graduation Success Rate Report
NCAA List of Banned Drug Classes
NCAA Eligibility Center
NCAA Eligibility Standards
Student-Athlete Handbook
NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student Athlete
2.3 Or Take A Knee

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